Explore the unknown Evia island!


Campsite Rovies is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations and as one of the top 3 campsites of Greece!

We owe this special and honorable distinction to the following three facts: First, its location, which it’s literally next to the sea. Secondly, to our facilities which have all been created in the heart of the nature -with a great respect to the nature which encircles the campsite- and last but not least, our activities and our mentality towards this alternative way of holidays!

Our Campsite is easily accessible to everyone: It’s located on the North side of Evia Island-just 95km away from Chalkis town, 19km away from Edispos town, near Rovies village (all towns mentioned above are easily spotted on the map as they are all well known all around Greece. Especially Edispos, is a famous town  from antiquity for the its hot springs  that they have been proved extremely beneficial for mind and body).

Our Campsite is famous all over Europe. We have gained this great name thanks to our guests from all around the world who choose every year to visit us…. Of course, our Campsite at the same time constitutes the number 1 destination in the travel agenda of many Greek families, couples, friends and groups! Actually, the fact that we have same guests from the first day that the Campsite has opened its door-from 1987-cannot make us anything less than proud!

The location of the Campsite is believed that it is really ideal, as it consists of a ‘line’ of landscape across of the crystal clear waters of Evoikos Gulf, in the naturally created ‘nest’ of green mountains. The Campsite is away from the noise and anxiety of modern towns and lifestyle and under the deep shadow of the tall green trees of all the type, it can offer you the relaxation and real holidays’ spirit we are all looking for!

The Campsite offers bid separated seats that combine the ‘next to the nature’ mentality with respect to the privacy. Our Campsite can also been used as a shelter for those seekers end explorers who desire explore the Island of Evia!

The Campsite opens officially its doors from the 1st of June until 30th of September every year and waits to welcome all of you! Let us welcome you in our special way of holidays that will be unforgettable!

Here’s to the summer! Let the fun and relax begin!




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