How Pet Regulations developed

Since we live in Greece where there is always dispute over anything, it is highly likely that there will be people who will claim that Pet Regulations are too strict or that their pets are ”harmless”.

As the owner of Camping Rovies, my priority is to create a cozy and friendly environment for people-campers. If my priority was to create a cozy environment for pets,I would own a dog hotel.

Needless to mention that I have witnessed many incidents throughout these years.

In 2018 a woman left her ”harmless” dog unattended and unleashed in her space (as opposed to our pet regulations). As a result, when a man walked past them with his own dog (a pit bull) in leash to take it for a walk out of our premises, the ”harmless” dog attacked it. Thankfully, the pit bull only hurt it and did not kill it otherwise the woman would have lost her ”harmless” dog. The woman not only did not apologize but she blamed the man.

As you can understand, in a space with 30-40 dogs of different breed, different personality, male or female, regulations are crucial to their co-existence. We cannot turn a blind eye either to small dogs or to specific breeds so that the get different treatment.

I have witnessed dogfights. I have witnessed children approaching dogs which were in leash and as a result to be bitten with not the dog to be blamed for.

I have witnessed dog owners leaving their dog unleashed during nighttime to do their ”business” in our premises and as a result, destroying our flower beds.

I have witnessed dog owners taking their pet with them inside our Grocery Store making me wonder whether they take their pet with them in the supermarket where they live!!

I have witnessed dog owners letting their pet litter other campers tents before they decide to take it for a walk.

I have witnessed dog stool laying in hidden spaces in our premises instead of having been picked up in bags.

I have witnessed an anxious dog chewing a 3-year-old lavender and its owner only saying sorry for her dog’s behavior without realizing how long it will take to have such a flourished lavender again.

I have witnessed countless incidents and as impunity is mostly a Greek trait, it may continue to exist. But it will exist in other places and tourist accommodations. Not in Camping Rovies.

In Camping Rovies the visitor does not pay 500 euros per day as in the Hilton Hotel or in Costa Navarino in order to have the equivalent expectations. If that was the case, I personally would provide a dog nanny and air-conditioning rooms.

Therefore, since we are under Democratic Constitution, and every customer has the right to choose where they want to spend their vacation, me as well have the right to choose the campers who want to enjoy our Camping premises over the others. A work of months that cannot be paid off, cannot be sacrificed in ”the customer is always right” ground.

In Camping Rovies no kind of impunity is accepted. Neither from ”old” customers, regular customers, children, dogs nor from youths or elders.

Our Camping is a small community where everyone is entitled to enjoy their staying. Therefore, everyone should show respect to anyone.

That is all from me.


Owner of Camping Rovies

P.S. The fact that I allow pets from 1st June to 14th July and from 26th August to 30th September is a personal effort I make to give a chance to the dog owners. During high season I prefer to employ 4 cleaners to 1 dog ”policeman”. As expected, the same regulations apply as usual in June and in September.

Pet Regulations

To all the animal lovers’ convenience, Camping Rovies offers you the ability to enjoy your vacation with your four-legged friend. Needless to mention though that with pleasure comes responsibilities not only to your pet but to the other campers as well.

Around you there are people who are afraid of or even allergic to dogs and other animals. There are children while playing may act inappropriate and a dog might bite them. It is essential that we point out the fact that there are different dog personalities,big,small,nervous,calm,loud,quiet,fierce just exactly as it comes to people.

For all the above reasons there are some simple, yet vital regulations.

1) Significant. Pets are allowed only during the following dates. From 1st June to 14th July and from 26th August to 30th September. During high season pets are not allowed.

2) Do not forget to have your pet’s health book with you. You will be asked to present it at the reception desk in order to be checked if your pet is suitably vaccinated. In case it is not, make sure you have proceeded with all the necessary vaccinations before you visit us. Pets that are not vaccinated or with no health book, will not be accepted in our premises.

3) Let us know in advance for any peculiarities. For instance, if your dog gets anxious or barks to strangers, we will come with a solution so that your pet does not disturb anyone and you still enjoy your staying here.

4) Make sure you constantly keep your four-legged friend in leash in your tent space in order to avoid disturbing the other campers,to be in peace with the other pets, not to ”litter” the other campers’ tents etc.

5) You are responsible for the right hygiene of your pet. You should take it for a walk 2-3 times a day out of our camping premises.

6) Taking your pet for a walk in the camping premises is strictly forbidden. Access to the public spaces of the camping (Restaurant,Grocery Store,Coffee Shop,Toilets,Playground,Public Kitchen) is strictly forbidden.

7) In case you take your dog at the beach be kindly respectful to the other bathers and ask them in advance if they consent to your dog’s presence. There is legislation regarding. Do not forget that some people are afraid or even allergic.

8) Do not neglect your pet’s hygiene and always clean up after your dog. Special bags are always easy to be found. That way you keep our premises clean and you avoid attracting insects,flies etc.

9) Do not leave your pet’s food exposed because it will attract insects. After your pet is fed,keep the food somewhere airtight.

10) Do not let your dog destroy plants,flowers and flower beds in our camping’s premises.

If there is a regulation that you do not agree with,you are always free to depart. Camping regulations cannot be adjusted as they serve the majority of the campers and not just a small group of them.

Have a nice staying.

Yours sincerely,

Owner of Camping Rovies