Greek Traditional Life


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  • The registration (with deposit 40% of the total amount) expires 45 days before the starting date of the program.
  • The program will become for a minimum group of 12 persons.
  • 45 days before the starting date we know if there is the minimum group of people or it will be canceled.
  • The deposit is returned in case the program is cancelled (minus banking fees) or remains for the next Greek Traditional Life program.
  • In case there are at least 12 persons the program will be happen and is Locked. The rest of the amount (60% ) is paid within the next 10 days (35 days before the program). After the program is Locked there is no return of any amount.
  • All the participants have to sign third party liability insurance.
  • All the participants have health insurance.
  • Because of the very special way of living during the program, wont be accepted people with serious health problems, children under 15 years old, vegetarians and vegans.
  • Tailor made programs can be prepared for a group of 12 persons.
  • A group of University students may have discount (depend of the number).
  • Η διαμονή μπορεί να γίνει στο Καμπινγκ Ροβιές ή με έξτρα κόστος σε οποιοδήποτε δωμάτιο στις Ροβιές.